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Ari Iaccarino is the co-founder and CEO of Ridj-it, a community adventure platform that brings people, organizations, and businesses together for activities and events within their own region, including hiking, biking, skiing and anything else participants can come up with. Ridj-it uses a variety of tools to make these adventures accessible, including carpooling and event creation. Ridj-it seeks to help create and maintain communities for both experienced and non experienced outdoors participants alike. On this episode of Trails to Peaks Radio, Iaccarino talks about what motivated him to create Ridj-it, the ups and downs of starting a company and why for-profit businesses may well be the best thing to happen to the outdoors.

Harry Fetter is a content creator and technology professional currently connected to several projects in both areas, including serving as a sales representative for a New Hampshire-based software company Akumina and as a writer for the mountain biking site PinkBike. After graduating from Penn State with a degree in economics, Fetter began working in the tech industry full time when a friend got him interested in working in marketing for his start up company, AptoFX. Today, Fetter uses his skills with photography and videography to help companies share their mission in more creative ways. An avid skier and mountain biker, Fetter considers himself an obsessive learner, incorporating meditation and mindfulness into his own technology-driven professional life.

Will Dailey is a singer, songwriter and musician. Originally from the Boston area and now a decade and a half into his professional music career, Dailey is an acclaimed independent recording and performing artist with a sound often described as having a rich, vintage vibe with a firm appreciation of rock, folk and pop. Dailey has received multiple Boston Music Awards, including wins for Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Male Vocalist and Artist of the Year.  In 2013 Dailey was featured on a Stephen King & John Mellencamp project produced by T Bone Burnett called Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County and has played multiple Farm Aid Concerts over the years alongside performers such as Neil Young, Willie Nelson, and Dave Matthews. Dailey's music has been featured on over 50 television programs and films. Daily’s most recent work was last year’s acclaimed album Golden Walker, a collection of 11 tracks highlighting Dailey’s talent for sharp songwriting and varied, wide-ranging musical arrangements. Dailey is currently performing in various locations in New England and his music can be found on all major streaming platforms and through his website

Diane Mulligan is the author of three novels and numerous online publications and media outlets, including Boston’s WBUR, The Grub Street Daily Blog and The Moon Magazine. Her first novel, Watch Me Disappear, was a finalist in the Kindle Book Review's 2013 Best Indie Book Awards in the Young Adult category while her second novel, The Latecomers Fan Club was named a 2014 IndieReader Discovery Award winner. Mulligan’s most recent work, What She Inherits, earned an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest 25th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. An independently published author herself, Mulligan released a brief guide book in 2015 called The Sane Person's Guide to Self-Publishing. Mulligan stopped by the program to talk about her creative process, literary labels, the landscape for writers in today’s market and what projects she has in store for the future. Diane Mulligan's work is available at her author website.

Connor Boyle spent the first decade of his professional life as an attorney for various businesses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida. Facing a career he quickly realized he hated, Boyle dove into a world of alcoholism, depression, anxiety while developing an eating disorder. After achieving milestone after milestone as an athlete, student and attorney, Boyle had hit rock bottom with no real clear path to getting back. After years of bouncing back and forth from various attempts at sobriety and sound health, Boyle finally checked into an outdoors-oriented rehabilitation program in North Carolina, a move which ultimately saved his life. Leaving law for good, Boyle embarked on a professional and personal path to immersing himself in nature and the environment around him, working as a recovery specialist in New Hampshire and hiking throughout the White Mountains. A certified Emergency Medical Technician and Wilderness First Responder, Boyle now works in Montana as part of a wilderness-based youth recovery program.

Philip Carcia is an outdoor athlete and hiking enthusiast who has spent much of his adult life completing some of the most difficult and challenging through hikes in the country, including the Long Trail, Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. In the summer of 2019, Carcia accomplished something unique and truly staggering in scale, hiking all 48 four thousand foot peaks in New Hampshire’s White Mountains for 13 straight months, creating his own special version of the elusive Grid. Carcia overcame enormous physical and mental fatigue month after month to accomplish this feat in the most extreme of weather conditions. He recorded the fastest completion time ever for a Grid, checking in at 319 days, besting the time set by the previous record holder by five weeks. On this episode of Trails to Peaks Radio, Carcia talks about his motivation for hiking such challenging routes, how events in his life have affected his outlook on being in the mountains and what’s next on his list of projects.

Fantasy sports enthusiast and expert Luke Woods joins the program to unpack the upcoming 2019 football season, including the growth of fantasy sports over the last two decades, why football rules fantasy, important terminology to know, draft strategies, breakouts, busts and everything in between. If you want to play Fantasy Football this year, this episode is for you. Prepping for your league starts here!

Brooke Magnano is an outdoor enthusiast who has hiked hundreds of miles of both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails over the last two years. An avid bicycle user, Magnano pedaled from Boston to Austin, Texas and is a strong advocate for the use of as many carbon reducing sources of energy as possible, including expanding public transportation and plant-based diets. Magnano has used her love for the outdoors and numerous recreational endeavors to broaden her perspective of the United States while connecting better with herself as well as with countless people everywhere she's traveled. A New Hampshire native, she currently works and lives in California.

Austin Bumpus is a Boston-based sports journalist and founder of the website "The Swing of Things", an online source for original sports content, including long form written commentary, video, and podcasts about football, mixed martial arts, basketball, soccer, baseball and more. Bumpus is a graduate of Emerson College and has worked for a variety of sports media outlets in New England, covering high school, collegiate and professional sports. You can find Austin and "The Swing of Things" on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Ross Norwood is the executive director of the New Hampshire nonprofit Canine Commitment of New England, an  organization focused on finding dogs positive, loving and safe homes across the state. Norwood began this work over a decade ago and currently operates out of her home in New Boston. Canine Commitment of New England rescues all sizes, shapes, breed mixes, and degrees of dogs and none are not advertised anywhere online until they are here in NH and available to meet prospective caretakers prior to committing to adopt. In this conversation, Norwood discusses the state of dog adoption in New Hampshire, treatment of dogs around the country, what people should know prior to adopting a dog and her love and dedication to the valuable work of connecting rescue dogs to people who will care for them properly and with affection.

Mark Swasey is the head coach of the women's basketball team at Franklin Pierce University, returning to the school for the second time during his coaching career. His last season at FPU in 2008-09 saw the Ravens reach the Division II national championship game and earned Swasey National Coach of the Year honors. Swasey has coached at the high school and collegiate levels for over 25 years, including successful stints at Norwich University and California University of Pennsylvania. In this episode, Swasey discusses leadership today, how sports have changed during his career, and making an impact on players while reflecting on his own evolution as a coach, teacher and mentor.

Peter Petrigno is currently in his first term as a representative in the New Hampshire House of Representatives after serving as a high school educator for over thirty years in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Petrigno recently helped the legislature override a veto by Governor Sununu by a single vote to uphold the legislature's move to abolish the death penalty in the state. A longtime advocate of public service, Petrigno focuses his attention on advancing health care security, equal access to education and property tax relief to all New Hampshire residents.

Ty Gagne is the CEO of PRIMEX, a public risk management exchange organization located in Concord, NH. In his leadership position, Gagne guides PRIMEX to provide services to all corners of the state, including training, education, financial consultation and more to organizations in the public sector. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Granite State College and the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government, Gagne has been an advocate of public service at the local level his entire career. Gagne also retains a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors and various activities such as rock climbing and mountaineering and has worked with search and rescue teams and first responders across the state. Gagne has written about leadership, decision making and situational awareness in various articles and publications, including Where You’ll Find Me, a book which details the case of Kate Matrosova, a hiker who died attempting a winter traverse over part of the Presidential Range in 2015.

Zack Stone is a New England-based photographer and visual artist who specializes in creating artful, unique portraiture and stunning landscapes from his travels across America and various other outdoor locations. Zack’s unique approach to photography connects his subjects to the natural environment around them while showcasing their own individual personalities. An avid hiker, Zack uses his numerous outings in northern New England and out west as inspiration for both creative and personal growth and meditation, including the desire to see these treasured parks and land preserved for future generations. Zack’s work is accessible on his website and on various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

Eric Jackman is a New Hampshire native and performing artist, impersonating numerous celebrities and personalities both famous and infamous, most notably President Trump, an recurring act which has earned Jackman regular appearances on the local political and comedy circuit across New England and beyond. Although Jackman impersonated Trump for years prior to turning it into a regular gig, the 2016 election campaign season marked a breakthrough as he made appearances around New Hampshire during Trump’s campaign for the White House, eventually earning a shout out from the then-Republican candidate and future president himself at a local rally. A self proclaimed political junkie, Jackman is a graduate of Franklin Pierce University and co-creator of Jackman Radio, a media project featuring in depth interviews with political figures, creative artists and newsmakers.

AJ is an avid outdoors enthusiast, climbing instructor and Army combat veteran who has used various challenges and wide ranging experiences to fuel his true purpose in life. In this episode, AJ discusses recovering from mental and physical wounds suffered in Iraq to gaining experience and skill in teaching others not only to enjoy outdoor endeavors but using them as platforms to overcome their own fears and challenges toward a more fulfilling direction in their own lives. 

Vanessa Hale is a singer-songwriter and creative performer from Brookline, New Hampshire and current student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts studying musical therapy. Vanessa stopped by Trails to Peaks Radio to talk about her music, songwriting, the impact of music on people's lives and trying to navigate today's musical scene as a young woman.


TPR Trail Talk: Winter Hiking 101

Trails to Peaks Radio host Rob Huckins is joined by show producer Allison Spencer to talk about getting prepared to head outside this winter, including how to plan, what to wear and nutrition for your body. Don't let the cold, snow or ice keep you inside this winter! If you properly prepare, heading outdoors in the winter can be a breathtaking, challenging and ultimately rewarding experience. This episode addresses hitting the trails in winter, a season which offers a view of nature not seen during any other time of the year. Read the full article companion piece to this podcast here. Check out the following weather and conditions links discussed in this episode: Mountain Forecast, US Forest Service & White Mountain National Forest. For information on local trail conditions and road access, check out specific groups and accounts on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And as always, leave the outdoors in great shape for those who come after you. For more information on Leave No Trace principles, REI has a informational page here.

TPR Trail Talk: Hiking 101

Trails to Peaks Radio host Rob Huckins is joined by show producer Allison Spencer as they cover the basics for a great hiking season in the coming warmer months. From what to wear, what gear to bring, logistical planning, proper mental attitude and trail etiquette, this episode of Trails to Peaks Radio covers it all, including tips on improving your day in the woods and on the trail, whether you're headed up a mountain or keeping it on the ground under the trees. The peak of warm weather hiking is just around the corner--listen in, gear up and get outside!

TPR Trail Talk: Presidential Traverse

Host Rob Huckins is joined by producer Allison Spencer as they break down completing the Presidential Traverse, a nearly 20 mile stretch of trail over seven summits in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The duo discuss the preparation necessary for a single-day traverse, the various incarnations and approaches to completing this trek and the high and low points of such a sustained, intense hike. Listeners can read more detailed information about this hike, including when to start, what to bring, photos, specific summit times and pacing out your journey. Just in time for your summer hiking plans!


TPR 48 Series

There are 48 mountains in New Hampshire exceeding four thousand feet in elevation. Each year, hikers near and far come to the Granite State to take on the challenge of climbing them all at least once. Today, these mountains are simply known as "The List". This ongoing series is meant to be a tribute to the White Mountains through having those who have completed The List tell their stories in their own words. What’s their favorite mountain? What was the best hike they had? The worst? What made them want to tackle The List and how did they feel once they did it? Everyone featured in this series has climbed all 48 four thousand footers in New Hampshire at least once. Most have hiked other places and scaled other heights, too. Most love the outdoors whether on a mountain or not. But the single thing each of them have in common is traversing the same trails up the same mountains at least once. This is a hiking bond anyone who’s seen the magnificent views off the Presidential Range or trudged through the muddy lower regions of Owl’s Head feels and understands because they’ve all been there. And, in many cases, probably will again.

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